Benicia Community

Foundation, Inc.

Investing in the Promise of Benicia

by connecting people and resources

to benefit all who live, work and play in Benicia

The Benicia Community Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to proactively improving the lives of Benicians while supporting our community by strengthening the City’s economic vitality, enhancing beautification, and building community camaraderie.


Investing in the Promise of Benicia by connecting people and resources to benefit all who live, work, and play in Benicia.

  • We understand and Love Benicia
    • We believe it is our mission and honor to make Benicia a better place through philanthropy and volunteerism.
  • Benicia Community Foundation is Unique; our primary mission is to make it possible for every resident to contribute and influence the greater community good by providing opportunities to:
    • Build community camaraderie through both active and passive participation
    • Help community wellness
    • Become involved in supporting social services
    • Be engaged in civic projects
    • Support City improvement
    • Work to enhance City beautification
    • Volunteer, sponsor, or engage in many city events and programs
  • We know how to make a difference
    • We know our community, and we are dedicated to facilitating ideas and solutions to help meet the necessities, opportunities, and challenges of Benicians.
  • Enabling Your Philanthropy
    • We believe the people of Benicia are then the long-term foundation of our Community. The BCF has opportunities for personal and family legacy programs that can create inspiring, effective economic vitality.
  • Giving and Building Legacy
    • This is possible with one-time, or recurring contributions of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets, including Life Insurance. bequests or Charitable Remainder Trusts and
      Donor-Advised Funds. Your donation is tax-deductible (to the full extent of the law) and can provide you an income stream for life. ( Please consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.
  • Community Recognition
    • If desired, donations can support a specific project within the community. When appropriate, typically, these projects provide an opportunity for donor recognition via plaques, signage, and other naming opportunities. (Contact BCF for more information).
  • How Benicia Community Foundation Benefits You
    • We are a tax-exempt, non-profit, autonomous, non-denominational philanthropic institution supported by public and private funding to help sponsor broad-based charitable interests.
  • We support Non-Profits and our Community
    • We help our local non-profit organizations by supporting their capacity to address the community’s needs while creating meaningful, lasting support for positive change, including keeping our local history alive and supporting our expansive arts and culture community.

Helping our Community


Benicia Community Foundation, Inc.
821 East 2nd Street
Suite 104
Benicia, CA  94510


The Benicia Community Foundation is a registered 501(C)3 advocacy group