Benicians Adopting Benicia

Benicians Adopting Benicia (BAB) allows community volunteers to assist in the care, maintenance of Benicia’s parks, playgrounds and open space areas.  

BAB maximizes our community’s resources with as focus on local care, beautification and protecting our outdoors and facilities.

BAB identifies areas that need help in order to:

  • Maintain, enhance or replace plants and trees that need attention.
  • Help maintain or request replacement of park benches and other structures.

BAB has compiled a list of people willing to help with projects and will continue to add to this list as interest and needs grow. BAB is an integral part of the Benicia Community Foundation umbrella of resources and services.

BAB works with the City on approved projects by providing additional resources to support various projects.

UPCOMING PROJECT: April 25th partnership with Benicia Parks and Community Services picnic table varnishing. Please use BAB drop down window for more information.

BAB’s first two projects were the mid-winter beautification at the East 2nd Street and Military entranceway as well as clean up the city-owned park at St. Paul’s  on First Street.

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