Save Our Shops

Save our Shops is a unique  Public-Private Partnership (PPP) which includes The City of Benicia,  Benicia Community Foundation, Inc (BCF) and Save our Shops (SOS) , with the vision of this PPP being to provide legal insights, creative solutions and financial opportunities to help retail shop owners, restaurants, stores and landlords.

Moreover, Save Our Shops! (SOS!) has been formed by a group of pro bono attorneys and paralegals and partnering with the Benicia Community Foundation (BCF), Inc to help struggling businesses and landlords endure this pandemic.

The City, BCF  and other groups will invest $100,000, in the form of a matching grant, to help struggling businesses.  Application and additional information will be available shortly. 

The goal is not to be an advocate for just tenants, but rather, to be an intermediary between landlords, tenants and workable organization in finding mutually agreeable solutions.

As part of the advocate process, SOS! will be empowered to provide financial support where warranted in the “work-out” arrangements.  The SOS! Process begins with pro bono lawyers interviewing potential shop owners and landlord candidates for these “work out” arrangements and will negotiate the terms and conditions of lease amendments and settlement agreements. 

Financial support will be part of a matching grant partnership with the City of Benicia, the Benicia Community Foundation, a non-profit organization 501©3, and donations from an array of local community residents and businesses.

Additional information shortly will be made available .