BCF is Supporting Benicia By

Raising assets: 

We partner with the City of Benicia, local businesses, families, individuals, and others who care passionately about improving the community and creating permanent charitable legacy assets. 

Stewarding assets: 

We invest and administer charitable assets based on a set of rigorous local and national standards. 

Distributing assets:

  We make grants to nonprofit organizations and private parties that are doing essential work within the community, including, but not limited to, health and human services, youth and families, arts and culture, education, etc. – and for civic, environmental, and economic growth. 

Community leadership:

We serve as a facilitator by bringing together key stakeholders to determine community needs; we enable the development of collaborative solutions to important community issues; and we act as a catalyst for positive support, change, and sustainability.

Donate to Benicia through the Benicia Community Foundation, Inc.